Scene/canvas loaded in a Djando app template and buttons loaded in a second Django app template in same Django project, how to connect it?

Hi everyone, I have a Babylon Scene/canvas loaded in a Djando app template, and I also have a second Django app that is meant to be my dashboard and control app where I will be controlling the user side, both app are in the same Django project.
I have buttons that control an mesh rotation, when I place the buttons inside my html template in the app where the scene/canvas are rendering the mesh, the buttons work well, as soon as I take the buttons from that html template to the second app template the buttons stop work. can anyone help plz?

I do not think it is a direct Babylon question.

That said you could either use webSocket with smthg like, or just messaging with postMessage depending on your exact needs.

Hi sebavan
The mesh loaded in a page and I set a button to rotate the mesh, the buttons work well while inside the html where the canvas are located, but when I remove the buttons from the html page where the canvas live and place it in other html page it stop work and I get an erros in my console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘trackUbosInFrame’)
at new e (uniformBuffer.ts:256:36)
at t.createSceneUniformBuffer (scene.ts:2395:26)
at Ar.createSceneUniformBuffer (engine.multiview.ts:203:12)
at t._createUbo (scene.ts:1923:41)
at new t (scene.ts:1680:14)
at HTMLDocument. (game_admin.js?v=:12:17)
I’m going to read aboult that you mentioned

This is normal one html can not directly access the other one.