Select Variant button for single-variant models?

Should the Select Variant button be enabled for single-variant models?

If I load a glTF model with a single variant, the Sandbox does not show the Select Variant button at bottom right.

However I can display it via the Inspector.

Example model:

This has a single variant “lamp off” because adding a variant for the original “on” state of the model seems redundant. However I guess adding a variant would be the only way to display a name for the default state, like “lamp on”.

Still, it seems like if variants >0 then the button should probably be enabled.

I am not seeing any objections to that but let me summon @bghgary and @PatrickRyan about this part to get their thoughts

I agree with @echadwick-wayfair that if variants > 0 then the button should be enabled.

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Perfect you ll have it in the next nightly

All done and in deployment