Self Published App Store, Apps Everywhere

Good Afternoon,

I am working on a Self Publishing platform for Web Apps, really just apps.

I think there is a lot of interest in this space but I don’t think anyone has taken a serious look at it.

I took the Marble Tower demo and applied “Apps Everywhere” open publishing platform to it and I think it might be a better option than going through an “App Store”.

Take a look. Thanks for any feedback.

What would the difference be with PWA ?

That’s what this is. Try to teach your parents how to install a pwa on their iPhone. That’s the problem that needs to be solved. Someone shouldn’t need personal guidance to install a PWA. But unfortunatly its not a simple process. This is an attempt to unify that process into a simple recognizable “App Store” experience.

Probably the best way to see what this is would be to open it on an ios device then open it on an android device, and finally on a desktop.

Each device has customized but familiar instructions to take the user from Web Page to Application.

One major distinction from current PWA’s is that the App isn’t delivered until it is installed. Current PWA’s feel like “web pages”. This method feels like an “App”.