Senior Babylon Engineer for customisable 3D item startup

Soulcast are an innovative startup based around customisation of 3D items and artist collaborations lead by an experienced and self-funded team.

We’re looking for a remote senior Babylon engineer to work on everything from the asset import process, rendering, back-end rendering, exports, through to the user asset customisation interface. Future expansion may include room and world rendering. This is a lead role and applicants will be expected to be highly motivated with good team-working and product skills.

We’re a small, fun and creative team working in the blockchain/metaverse space and have worked on products such as Decentraland, Cyberbrokers, Eufloria, Club penguin and successfully invested in and managed successful game companies for over 20 years.

We’d love to be joined by an engineer who has a passion for great user experiences and joins us in the creative process.

Initially this is a remove contractor position.

DM me here or find me on Twitter @sillytuna.