Setting vertex datakind position with empty array?

From time to time, I eventually get the warning above. From time to time, it eventually causes my MBP (mac book pro) to stop loading in bootcamp/windows/chrome and return to a ‘safe state’.
As I said, eventually. It actually seems to happen only under certain conditions I’m not sure of.
I visited a couple of posts for the object stated above. I can already say I have no empty meshes or submeshes.
I believe the only animated mesh I have is the 3D control push button (from the PG with a light tweak)
I have no idea where or if I should look into this? Since the warning occurs only now or then (and then, the ‘safe state’ crap function seems to be a particularity of bootcamp with chrome in Windows. I eventually get the warning on Mac, Windows or with another browser but then everything is functional). It could be just an issue with bootcamp/chrome. Anyone to give me a light (path to explore) ?… Thx in advance,

Edit: I have stated that the warning was the cause. But this is just what I see. It could be incidental or a consequence. In case, the issue could be something else. Though it is still strange to sometimes get the warning and sometimes not. May be this has something to do with the way I import my meshes?…

This warning only occurs when you set a vertex data with an empty array:

    public VertexData.set(data: FloatArray, kind: string) {
        if (!data.length) {
            Logger.Warn(`Setting vertex data kind '${kind}' with an empty array`);

        switch (kind) {
            case VertexBuffer.PositionKind:

So, that really means sometimes an empty array is passed for the position kind of data… I already saw this warning when importing some .obj files which have some “empty” mesh in them.

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Me again,
Actually when I link this to (CDN):
I get this (SS)

…and when I link to (*preview) for the above,
I get this (SS)

I will check my obj files…

Ok, I was about to type a shit comment, when I thought I found the answer for my issue, but then quickly realized I didn’t. So I had to go back to it for an hour and finally got lucky.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction once again. Though I first checked all my imported meshes but these are all fine. Next, I thought it could be the only (imported) mesh left, the 3D push button(from the PG)… but no, wasn’t that either.

In the end, I found an old part in my code commented with ‘to be checked…’:wink: lol.
This part was about #decal. Something like this:
var decal = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateDecal(“decal”, deskground, {position: myPos,size: decalSize}, scene);

Needless to say that this wasn’t even used in the scene. It was an old attempt of …something?!:wink:
Well, thanks again for always highlighting the correct thing. Your inputs probably already saved me hours of investigation and questioning:)
Have a great WE,

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A clean console, a closed case and a happy user :smiley:

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