ShaderMaterial, RenderTargetTexture and FreeCamera - SOLVED

Hello Babylonjs community!

I’m having trouble with two ShaderMaterials (which are fed seperate RenderTargetTextures) overwriting each other.


I have a master camera:

When the slave cameras are set as FreeCamera -see below- (which is needed to correctly apply a matrix) the ShaderMaterials overwrite each other.

When the slave cameras are set as ArcRotateCamera -see below- the ShaderMaterials are correct (albeit incorrectly positioned by the matrix)

I can see the correct material is displayed when I cull the backface of each ShaderMaterial:

Is there a difference in rendering between FreeCamera and ArcRotateCamera?
Can anyone see why/where the shaderMaterials are overwriting each other?
Is there a better way to explain what is going on?

Hope someone can help.

Kind Reagards,


it is because if you cull faces you can see through the plane(depth not being written):

You can better grasp what is happening in this pg where the clear color of the rtt have been changed and then playing in the inspector :slight_smile:

Thanks sebavan!

Unfortunately I’m still having trouble.

It seems to be a problem when using a FreeCamera in a renderTargetTexture.
When this is combined into a shaderMaterial, it displays incorrectly:

It displays correctly when using an ArcRotateCamera:

Is there a difference between a FreeCamera and an ArcRotateCamera when using renderTargetTexture?

How can I use a FreeCamera in a renderTargetTexture without it affecting other materials?

Thanks for your help.

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It is because you see the alternate portal through the render targets. You can see here the correct behavior without renderlist


Thank you so much sebavan!
I thought it was something stupid my end.

Here is the pg with the required changes:



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