Short alpha gameplay trailer

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a short alpha gameplay footage of my project. Its a culmination of (ok, I don’t actually remember how long ago) about 4~5 yrs of work. Project started way back while on the old forum and it just kept going. Had a whole bunch of code rewrites since bjs kept growing and I keep finding new ways of doing old things.

Apologies if the clip is a little low quality (xbox game bar for the recording and Blender for video editing). Game frontend is almost done, backend still has a long list.

Questions, comments, critique welcome. Cheers ! :slight_smile:

Alpha gameplay trailer → for those who can’t see the video here.


Thanks for sharing. Looks great, very professional. I am curious about the release process for game products like that:

  • Is it going to be built or available to play from webpage?
  • Do you think its going to be free/adds/paid?
  • How is it going to be advertised?
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Looking really great!

Also interested in the points @kri100s posted, since probably going to be in a same situation in the future!

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This looks awesome !!! can t wait to try it

cc @PirateJC

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@phaselock it looks amazing!

Keep us posted on the development

Any objection to me tweeting about it? Are you on twitter? What’s your username?

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@kri100s @Panuchka

Yes, it will be playable via browser on desktop.

Monetization model is free to try. First 100 lvls is free, that’s about 2~5yrs of gameplay. Remorting to the next tier costs in-game currency.

I’m a solo dev, as indie as it gets and that means PR budget is zero. That said, I have ties with my country’s indie gamedev association, so I will tap on their resources. Game is largely single player but will incorporate social sharing and logins, I hope that will help spread the word.

@sebavan Looking for a release this yr or 1st quarter 2023. I want to avoid World Cup schedule. :slight_smile:

@PirateJC No objections. My twitter is here.

Thanks all for the kind words. Cheers ! :slight_smile:


thanks @phaselock It all make sense. I am not at that stage yet but was thinking how to go about those things if i have something I would like to share.
I am not looking to make money out of it but maybe if its any good some donations would be welcome to keep things going (nicer assets and maybe server).
It would be cool if babylonjs had some place to host projects. That would sort out all those things (monetization, advertisment, distribution) and many others.

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I LOVE IT! The visual style is super pleasing to look at, the animations when building stuff are also very nice, and I love how the helpers comment on the food! Can’t wait to play it!