Sky sphere not display when camera is a child of a mesh

I put a star texture to a doublesides( BABYLON.Mesh.DOUBLESIDE) sphere to simulate the night sky.
The sky could be renndered with any camera without parent. It displayed as below:

And the camera was set as a child use “camera.parent = mesh”, the night sky background dispeared like below:

I tried camera.maxZ with a big number but nothing went better.
What’s wrong with it?

Hello! Can you provide us with a Playground Babylon.js Playground ( repro so we can take a better look at it? :slight_smile:

The code is a little comlex. But world try it.

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There’s no need to replicate everything, just the important parts like the sphere, material, camera, etc :slight_smile:

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All right. I just gave up using parent.
With coordinate transformattion, I solved the problem.
Thank you for the replay.
And if needed, I would use playground next time.

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