Solid Particle System Orbits

I’ve been experimenting with the Solid Particle System for generating a series of objects that orbit other meshes. I’m trying to get something along the lines of the following

For each player mesh:

  • Generate a series of points in a sphere around the player (using Fibonacci points for this)
  • Get a random axis of rotation that goes through the player position
  • Rotate the particle around the axis every updateParticle call (oriented so that it will be facing along it’s path)

I’ve got a playground up doing a very simple version but the pivot point system is hard to wrap my head around. Ideally I want the particles facing forward on the path they are taking.

Would it be more efficient to switch to instances for the objects and use physics to drive them? Eventually I want I was trying SPS out because of the single draw call performance gains.

Pinging the mastermind behind SPS @jerome