Some texts inspector are not visible due to color being almost same as background


For some reason the label texts of each metric are not visible as the color is almost same as the background. Is there anyway to work around it?

Screenshot 2020-01-25 at 11.03.34

I am using 4.1.0-beta.22 but I have observed the same in older versions as well.


hi. search in your App css files something like .label {display:none} and remove this


Thank you. Is there a a style for setting inspector background color? Any documentation on the styles?


i think if all works fine and only you get problems problem can be in your own project or template and your styles overlay inspector styles. you can click left mouse button under problem element and inspect element properties. and you can find where your problem. and in same way you can change inspector styles just overlay them in your own css styles)


Thank you. It seems that the inspector styles are colliding pretty much with the Vue.js styles but I am fixing them as you suggested as much as I can.

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