Spatial sound attached to controller mesh

I am trying to attach the audio to the game controller. When I try on Oculus Quest the audio isn’t moving with the controller, moving the controller right to left of the headset doesn’t change.

What do I miss?


Pinging @RaananW

I would recommend to first use XR instead of VR, mainly due to the fact the VR is deprecate on (and removed from) chrome. Which is (i guess) the reason it doesn’t work.

You can read about motion controllers in WebXR here - WebXR Input and Controller support - Babylon.js Documentation . Attaching the sound to the rootMesh of the motion controller (or the grip abstract mesh of the input) should do the job.

I switched to XR and it works. Although the XR experience on Oculus browser seem a bit buggy (but that’s another topic)

The new Oculus browser was just released, I guess you will get the update very soon