Spherical voxel engine demo (like minecraft, but spherical)

Hi fellow coders,

Here is my take at babylon-based Voxel Engine. Like the title says, it’s “spherical”, which means it renders a Planet made of “nearly cubic” voxels, where each voxel has a flat surface from the point of view of an observer standing on the planet.

It also uses a method similar to marching cube to render slightly smoothed cubes.

A demo is available here, while it works on mobile, it requires decent hardware.

(there’s some occurences of “double tap for ground view” not working on some locations on the planet, just try another one, I suspect it’s due to meshes being frozen and bounding box not being up to date…)

Link to GitHub project : GitHub - SvenFrankson/planet-builder-web: BabylonJS version of PlanetBuilder algorithms

Thanks a lot for your attention and have a nice day !


Wow its really smooth on a 2020 macbook pro, solid 60 FPS. The chunks do load in slower than I can spin around though

There are so many cool game mechanics you could make with this, congrats

This is really cool, congrats !!!

This is seriously impressive! As br-matt said it runs super smooth, the ground movement is also very pleasing and the simple shading + outlines suits the look really well :smiley:
While exploring around I even found some subterranean caves, how cool is that!

@PirateJC I feel this would be a super cool tweet :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

@br-matt Yes, the issue with my chuncks of voxels is that I could not find a way to easily render degraded LOD versions of them, so I’m currently experimenting a solution with patches of “heightmap based” meshes to fill the voids, hopefully it will do the trick.


Hey @SvenFrankson this is awesome! Are you on twitter? I’d love to tweet about this from the official Babylon twitter account!

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Thanks, I’m no longer on Twitter, but feel free to tweet about this, it would be a pleasure :slight_smile:

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