Spine with particle question




See the particles in ‘no.1’?
Ok, and now look at the ‘no.2’.
A black board(spine Object) is covering the particles.
But white board(BABYLON.Mesh) is not covering black board.

The more interesting thing is ‘no.3’.
Particles in front of the white mesh.

Closest sort is ‘particle - mesh - spineMesh’.
But visible sort is ‘(particle - mesh) - spineMesh - particle’.
What’s the matter this?

can you repro the issue in the playground?

Um… possible create spine’s skeleton mesh?
in the playground?

can you please link sample that loading spine’s skeleton mesh?
or just wright the code?

here is a doc to load exterrnal assets:

First, i was blocked in import library.
Import method itself wrong? Or library’s problem? library is build file.


spine-runtime original link :

it is none particle.

You should be able to leverage BABYLON.Tools.LoadScript if the spine script is available online


I saw load result that is success.
but can not use this libraries.

‘BABYLON.Tools.LoadScript’ is different from ‘import’?
I have to use this that ‘spine.babylonjs.AssetManager and SkeletonMesh, etc’.

Does particle have something like Spine’s ‘zOffset’? (rendering order).

I know. I ask too many questions. sorry :dizzy_face:
But, please many answers. :clap:

Tools.LoadScript is equivalent to add a src tag in your page.

It loads the script as a global not a module like import would do.

for particle zoffset, you could maybe rely on renderingGroupId this would ensures that the particle runs in order compared to the rest of the rendering.

I want hug you!
I’m cleared this problem. thanks to your answer!