Sprite clipping?

I am loading in a sprite from an image, it is a single frame with no animation.

I have noticed that the sprite is not drawing the entire image, even though im specifying the correct size in the manager and when sizing the sprite itself.

If I make a plane, and place the same image on it (with a different diffuse color), with the sprite displayed in front of it, you can see a border around the edge of the sprite showing the parts that are clipped out.

Is there a bug with the sprites? do I need to do something in particular because there is no animation?.

here is an image that shows the issue, the plane is colored green, and the sprite is displaying in front, using the same PNG file

that looks suspicious
Do you mind creating a repro in the playground so I can fix it?

@Deltakosh since posting I have dug down and found the cause, the sprite manager epsilon value defaults to 0.01, changing that to 0 when creating the spritemanager fixes the issue.

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