Status of Visual Editor and Unity Editor - Still Active?

Visual Editor:

  1. Limited Documentation: Hard to understand full capabilities.
  2. Feature Gaps: Advertised features missing or incomplete.
  3. Low Community Activity: Raises questions about development status.

Unity Editor:

  1. Counter Information: Official docs vs community posts show inconsistencies.
  2. Build Issues: Concerns about build times and shader support.
  3. Unclear Roadmap: No info on future updates or plans.


  • Are these projects actively developed?
  • Is there an official roadmap?
  • Should we expect updates soon?

As a beginner should I invest more time into these tools?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Let me add @julien-moreau the daddy of the Visual Editor, and @MackeyK24 the one of the Unity Exporter.

The Babylon Toolkit is actively being used by my company (and a few others) for commercial development. I have been fine tuning the new Pro Versions available at


1… I am working on the Babylon Toolkit website and documentation to support the new Pro Versions

2… Build issues are mainly your Typescript setup. The new version have optional support for installing local node/tsc build setups per project via package.json… So you can open root project and setup the local project build environment:

npm install

3… I have been fine tuning the toolkit for commercial development the past couple years. We at MVRK have been using the toolkit to create client projects for MANY major companies. All that work was put into the newer Pro Versions

Once the website is up and working, you can purchase Pro Developer licenses to get all the built-in out of the box features that emulate that Unity Style development with advanced features like, Animation State machine that re-creating Unity Mechanim Animation Controllers, Navigation Agent And Nav Mesh Support, Advanced Rigidbody Physics, Raycast Wheeled Vehicles, Kinematic Character Controllers and more… All right out of the box

The BJS toolkit is a beast, its just there is so much to it that is hard to wrap your head around.

Once you are flowing in it though its a valuable asset. The learning curve though is kind of high even when you have some direction. Its well worth learning though.

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@MackeyK24 MackeyK24

I’m VERY interested, I’ll buy a license now AND provide you alpha/beta user feedback ?


So… the visual editor is dead?

nah, @julien-moreau might simply be busy at the moment. He ll answer soon nw.

Yo @Frits_Lyneborg … If you wanna get started with the Babylon Toolkit right away, check out this post for info on obtaining a license now.