Streaming two different videos to each eye


Is it possible to stream two different videos to each eye (left and right)? I meant I want to show different object in each eye of HMD. I am finding the information of left and right camera setting but I had no luck.

cc @RaananW

ATM you can create a single video stream that will contain both eyes and use the video dome to show it.

You could also have two videos running at the same time, and show/hide it, according to the camera that is currently rendering. Would something like that work?

Thank so much for your quick response.

I am still not clear but let me try streaming two videos first.

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Hello @RaananW

I stream two 4K 360 degree videos to scene1 and scence2. I want to render scene1 to left eye and scence2 to right eye of the HMD. Is it possible?

not from 2 different scenes. you can switch between two materials when rendering a single mesh (for example), but not switch scenes

Hello @Vibol_Yem just checking in, was your question answered?