Strip float precision out of Vertex Data on Serialization

Is there a way to flag the serializer to keep something to a set fixed float amount?

So that way I can try to keep the data size being generated under control? Right now the output is 4 mbs of :


and thats all in the vertex data. Which most of that is data that can be trimmed to like:


With my user getting little to no impact and my server thanking me if I do that…

Should I trim the fat prior to the Serialization or would it be better to extend the Serializer to allow this?


Yeah unfortunately this has to be done as a pre-process as we use JSON.stringify

Hi guys! P8… cool idea, but if you “quantize” (round) the model’s verts (and other geo-data), it loses that “vinyl look”, and takes-on a “digitized-audio look”. heh.

Have you ever sledded-down a voxel toboggan hill? There is MUCH more vibration and “motorboat sound” than when sledding on an analog hill. :slight_smile:

Also, the edges of the voxels… scrapes-off the toboggan wax and eventually starts removing the paint/varnish from the bottom of your toboggan. heh. Digital lerping. :smiley:

Remember when the kids layed the Slip’n’Slide mat… on the stair-case (and forgot to tell you)? Yuh, yuh, yuh. Sort-of a smooth ride, but not really.

Ahh, quantizing comedy… ain’t it great? :slight_smile:

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I should mark that as the solution wing :slight_smile: