Superhero AR Filter and Tutorial

Hey guys,

I have been working recently with Google’s Media Pipe (ML) tracking libraries, and put together this demo content and tutorial. The work touches a few of Babylon’s rendering modules (node materials, post effects, and particle instances) and I have tried to explain how I assembled them in the tutorial.

Superhero AR Filter and Tutorial

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AAAAH THIS IS GREAT! I nearly died laughing from the scream sound :rofl:

It also reminds me of an internal meme of the team… involving our dear colleague @RaananW … don’t you think @PirateJC ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea what you are talking about! :wink:

I will not post the image here in your respect, but everyone should think about… laser Raanan… :wink:

I wish I was half as respectful as you are @carolhmj!!

Plotting Jim Carrey GIF

I look like Jim Carry!


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