Talk to text for programming suggestions?

I had a really bad injury happen saturday during my work out and now will only have my right hand for a few months.

Anyone know of any good talk to text solutions for disabled programers?

Sorry to hear. Think you should widen your search. You are going to need to be lucky in this small a population & many away right now. There is no lack of product when searching.

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I was hoping someone had some experience with some and could point me the right way. Might just have to experiment.

So sorry to hear you have had an accident. From a first google search this came up. . I hope it is helpful!

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Ohhh dope I own dragonfly and there are tools for it! Thank you @Null

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You are welcome! Check this out too. Programming by voice in 2019 - LogRocket Blog . Let me know how I can be of any help with some other thing.

May be these links can help you, too:

… hopefully it’s enough to have the half of the keys to programm code! :slight_smile:

Plus I was wondering what I would do if I only had one hand left to program…
I would mainly want to work with templates so i wouldn’t have to write so much.
An automatic support by an artificial intelligence would also be very practical!

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I go to the surgeon today to find out the full battle report. Hopefully the cast I get let’s me use my fingers some, then this won’t be too bad.

Surgery Friday. I get a titanium medicarple. Dr says i’ll be typing with my hand by Monday.


That’s awesome news man! I hope you get better soon and hit that 100 WPM ASAP :smile:


Also to this topic, I was never able to find a working solution for talk to scripting. Tried a few options but it was always really kinda not intuitive to even get running. Some even after getting them set up had trouble keeping running (it might have been a window focus issue).

Pretty much gave up.

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Yeah, programming by voice sounds impossible. (), [], {}, & math symbols.

I have used Dragon + Caster combination for Voice Coding and it works reasonably well even though I’m not super fluent in English. Caster, built on top of Dragonfly, has some quite advanced features and you can code more using Python… You however need a high quality microphone.