Teleporting with hands in VR

question: is there a way to turn on teleportation with pinch?

I think in the code I have now, you can pinch and it looks like it wants to teleport

I’m wondering if I’m leaving something simple out ← video

adding @RaananW

It is turned on per default. You need to hold the pintch for 3 seconds, and you will teleport to the point you are pointing at. The timeout can be set in the options.

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mystery solved

also though, how do you see the options that are available? in the api documentation it just says “options” and doesn’t show you e.g. the syntax for saying change the timeout of the teleportation…

I also search github for this “BABYLON.WebXRFeatureName.HAND_TRACKING” and find nothing lol

that’s a good question! I wonder how we can make this a bit clearer.

The teleportation options (which is the one responsible to the behavior you are seeing) interface is here:

Hand tracking options are here:

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