The Amazing Story of Gryff's Hurt Arm!

Hey you guys… I just heard HOW Gryff hurt his arm last fall. You GOTTA hear THIS one! :slight_smile:

Gryff has some Boston Bull Terriers (dogs), and if you know ANYTHING about BBT’s… you know they LOVE to “tug-o-war” with pull-toys… for LONG hours. It’s like catnip (dognip?) to them.

Well, once upon a night last fall… Gryff was sleeping, and his arm with his wrist watch attached… draped-off the side of the bed.

Well, guess what. ALL THREE of his Boston Bull Terrirers grabbed onto that beautiful Twist-o-Flex watch band, and started tugging. And guess what #2… Gryff didn’t wake for 7 hours, and the dogs tugged the WHOLE TIME! :slight_smile:

Needless to say, Gryff’s right arm was essentially crippled in the morning, and he hasn’t seen his watch… ever since the previous night. At first, he thought aliens had abducted his watch, and left his arm long-term numb and sore from “the beam”.

But no… it was Gryff’s dogs… Kookla, Fran, and Ollie. :slight_smile: SO FUNNY but OUCH! :slight_smile:

Want to know HOW Gryff learned that it was the dogs? I knew ya did. As the warm spring rains melted-away some of the “love mounds” that accumulated on the lawn… over the winter, some “glittering” was seen. (Various links/pieces of Twist-o-Flex watch band, rear-emerging [sic] into sunlight.) It was very “pretty”… but not the kind of links you want to scene.pick.

What’s that? You don’t believe me? Hey… HE told me this! Oh wait, maybe that wasn’t me. hmm.


OK @Wingnut, I told you NOT to laugh - my day will come. As someone once said :

Revenge is a dish best served cold

And not that Klingon guy either - he was late to the party

The little doggie in my avatar is going to be upset

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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Holy crap, it’s a dog…
prior to seeing an enlarged version, i was confident that was a goat. :joy:

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I thought it was a COW! But yeah, now that aW mentions it… hmm. goat/greyhound mix? :smiley: Maybe deer-Basenji mix? hmm.

Q: Hey, WHY did the punk-rocker cross the road?
A: Cuz he had a chicken stapled to his cheek!

Ok, I better not turn this into a joke-thread. But yeah, we need a BJS mascot, eh? GoatHound!

Has anyone else heard any different “stories”… about how Gryff hurt his arm? Let’s hear 'em.


Sheesh!! I have replaced the little lady, in full ratting mode, with a picture that won a contest in the UK newspaper (Observer). I had to give her extra treats this morning to calm her down.

If there is any more confusion, I suggest there may be a need for checkups at the optician. :wink:

Though maybe I should use a picture of the lady in “world’s fastest couch potato” mode :wink:

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Ahh, so that IS a Greyhound or similar? Fast, huh? Beats you to the remote control EVERY TIME? nod. :slight_smile: Congrats on the award for the pic… cool!

You must do good photography. I got the shakes in my right hand… too much guitar strummin’ and… ummm… some other things (like lifting amplifiers, ya dirty-minded “dogs”!!) :smiley:

I must use a tripod. (…and to anyone who just had some Austin Powers “mini-me” dirty-thoughts when I said “tripod”… shame on you!) hah.

This thread has idled for THREE DAYS… and nobody has added yet another ridiculous made-up story about how Gryff hurt his arm?

And no likes on my VERY FUNNY last post? Helllloooooo… McFly? :smiley:

Deltakosh has (an idea for) another story… but he’s not going to tell us about it. Ol’ DK gets all caught-up in enjoying puppies … lovingly-licking his face… and he forgets (how) to tell a “doozy” story, occasionally (-cortez).

C’mon DK, tell us the story! Something about picking wintertime strawberries that were growing along the edges of the stencil buffer? C’mon, cough it up! :slight_smile:

A little hint - Gryff got entangled in the BJS engine, but the story of HOW and WHERE… is TOO FUNNY! Maybe others know that story, too, I dunno.

But really, we need to hear ALL the fake news about Gryff’s injury… that EVERYONE has heard… so… let’s go… tell us YOUR version of how Gryff hurt his arm. Inquiring minds want to know! :slight_smile:

I heard another rumor… something about getting his hand caught in the side-view mirror of a high-speed beer truck… that Gryff was trying to hitch-hike a ride-with? Ouch!

I heard he was bitten by a giant koala looking animal…
might just be rumors… :thinking:

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