The capsule climbs onto the cube at a slight angle (Physics)

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In this example, the capsule climbs onto the cube. If you imagine that the capsule is a character, and the cube is a house, it turns out that the character climbs onto the house. I wouldn’t like characters to be able to climb onto houses. But I want them to climb ladders. How to do it correctly?

P.S. I could create another cube that would not be rotated. But this is not a very good solution.

Seem like you would want to create a nav mesh that excludes the house but not the hypothetical ladder

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Crowd Navigation System is a good thing. But in this context, I need an answer related specifically to the Havok physical system

Did I interpret it correctly?

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Thanks for the responses guys!

I drew a picture.

There are only three options here. Options 1 and 2 are a house, 3 is a staircase.

  1. The house stands level, at an angle of 90 degrees. The character should not be able to climb on it.
  2. The house stands crookedly (it is askew from old age) at an angle of about 70 degrees. The character shouldn’t be able to climb on it either.
  3. There are stairs. It is somewhere at an angle of 5 - 10 degrees. This is where the character should be able to climb.

Now everything works well if the house is at an angle of 90 degrees (option 1). Everything also works well with stairs (option 3). But when the house is at an angle (option 2), the character can climb onto it, but this should not happen.

It’s not that beautiful…

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Thanks for the answer!

I think this will be a good solution for such a problem.

For my case, I solved the problem by simply increasing the gravity. I changed the number -9.8 to -60 and the physical body stopped rising at high angles.