The cone emitter in the playground cannot define the angle

The cone transmitter in the sports field cannot define the angle. When creating a new particle system, the default value is 0.78. When the type in the emitter is changed to another type and then returned to the cone, the angle value will become 3.14.

Is it because I overlooked somewhere?

Hi there and welcome to the Babylon community. Do you have a link to the playground you are using, that way we can take a quick look and see what seems to be the problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

In the inspector of the current project, the emitter type attribute of “particle systems-cone system” is cone, and the current setting angle is 0.78. Try to change the emitter type to sphere and then back to cone. You will find that the angle value of the emitter has changed. I can’t even find where to adjust the angle value in the inspector.