The document has a broken link (

Currently, the following links do not seem to exist.


Adding @PirateJC

Since this is in the API documentation which is mostly procedurally built, let’s pull in @RaananW in to help on this one.

I’m guessing we should replace it with hdri haven instead?

Is that the right link?

It’s the RGBE part I’m not sure about.

@PatrickRyan what do you think? Do the examples on HDRI Haven meet the documentation criteria?

@PirateJC, yes, HDRI Haven can work for this. They offer images in .hdr, .exr, and .png format on the site, so we should be clear that an RGBE file is the same as the Radiance .hdr format which is made by Radiance systems. So users will want to only use the .hdr files from HDRI Haven.

I think the site closed down since I used to be able to go to that link… It seemed like quite an old project at the time.

Sweet thanks @PatrickRyan

@RaananW let’s update it to the hdri haven link.

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Done :slight_smile:

Wanted to share the PR for future reference - the tsdoc is generated from the sourcecode comments, editing them will update the tsdocs on the next nightly:

Update hdrCubeTexture.ts documentation by RaananW · Pull Request #10266 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (


Thanks for correcting the URL.
Probably the site name needs to be modified as well as the link.

Example of such files can be found on HDRI Haven:

You know, I should have paid more attention :slight_smile:

I’ll change it soon

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I’m sorry to say this, but I think the correct name of the site is “HDRI Haven”, not “HDR Haven”.

Example of such files can be found on HDRI Haven:

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I would expect github to ask me “ARE YOU SURE?!?!?!” next time I update this line :slight_smile:

We’ll get there! let’s see what else I can mess in a single sentence


HDRI Haven seems to have moved to Poly Haven.

So the link was changed again?


It’s a bit hectic, but it looks like it. I hope that link will last for a long time.

If this was a piece of paper, it would have looked like this:



sorry @RaananW! HDRI Haven is usually fairly stable. Just a stormy coincidence of name changes. LOL

Hopefullly this will be the last change!

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