The Wingnut Chronicles


Woah, yet another “Wingnut Chronicles”? Oh geez. :slight_smile: The previous version… had nearly 1500 posts! Crazy!

So, is THIS the URL that pertains to this new forum?

Not exactly a heavily-inserted link on the new forum, eh? I actually had to do a web search, OMG. heh.

Ok, welcome to The Wingnut Chronicles… the never-ending talk-about-anything thread-from-hell. Mostly, we talk about BabylonJS, but in THIS thread… feel free to talk about your 3D whims and wishes, no matter how embarrassing or noob you might sound.

Rattle-on about anything… maybe someone will join-in, and perhaps (likely) your 3D hopes and dreams will inspire others. The world of 3D is wide-open, and we have THE BEST webGL library ANYWHERE. We also have a great community of helpers and super-hero techies.

You have arrived at a wonderful place… the shores of Lake Babylon. From here, it’s easy to fly! Dream as large as you wish. Your dreams might just come true.


Ok now this is a Babylonjs forum:)


Thanks @Deltakosh, you’re always so kind to me… thank you! Working near you and your marvelous inventions… has been a complete pleasure, and an excellent learning experience. I hope it continues for many more years.

Ok, so, let’s talk busyness. Did ya’ll see the keyboard shortcuts? When not editing, just type a question mark.

There is also a choice for displaying hot keys… in the “hamburger” menu.

Discourse text-wrangling appears to be based on “Markdown”… which is also used in our documentation system. How nice is THAT, eh? Users who have never contributed to our documentation… due to fears of learning GitHub Markdown… can now play with Markdown a little bit every day… in their forum posts. Later, they will feel quite comfortable contributing to BabylonJS documentation and playground-based tutorials.

It will take some time and patience. For example… the hamburger link above… is a link to an image. I struggled to make it be a LINK, and not import/embed the image into post. I sort-of “manually” built the link. [some words](url/someImage.jpg). Still learning.

Open source! Discourse is OPEN SOURCE! That means… we’re free to fly. We can modify our forum… TONS, if we wish. That… is pretty sweet.

So far, I sort-of like the new joint! I think we can get some work (and play) done… 'round here. Let’s try to make sure that we have cleaned-up any loose-ends on the old forum. Helpers, if you have open issues, try not to let they or their issues… get neglected. This is a time of volatility, so a little extra effort… would be nice.

Control-z/undo, and add-link->fill URL field with url.jpg->CANCEL… needs a little investigation.

When trying to add the Hamburger link to the image… I saw that it had mistakenly “embeded” the image into the post. I pushed “cancel” on the make-link popup panel. That CANCEL did not undo the image embed. So I tried control-z to undo it. That failed, too. I needed to highlight & cut the Markdown debris from the post. After that, I built the link manually.

Okay, what should we try to break? Anyone got any diagrams of how this system is “assembled”? Is there some kind of config file… just for us? How about an “add-on modules” folder… just for us? Who has “the goods” on how to hack this puppy? Let’s write a simple “mod” to the forum… just to prove that we can. Anyone know how? Will you teach us? (thx).

Ahh, here it is. There’s the “meat and potatoes”. Yum!


Discourse is full of wonders we will keep discover!
And yeah oss means we will be free to control our destiny!

CSS/HTML is pretty easy to update!


I’ve just added a couple of themes you can pick from your profile parameters :slight_smile:




Hey @Deltakosh… did you add that link-icon to docs… in upper right corner? That’s NICE. Thx!

How many icons can we put there? Know? Anything goes?

When we get a fresh upgrade of the forum software, will things be over-written? Probably easily avoided.

Anyway, I would like to see link-icons for main website, playground, github source repo, and possibly… github DOCS repo.

Too cluttered? Any icons you choose/draw… fine with me. Header is always black-background, no matter the theme (so far). :wink: SO, only one icon color needed, so far.

Perhaps keep lots of space between each icon, so the icon-bar works nice on mobiles… for fat-finger/thumb presses.

Sort of an SVG festival up there, eh? Live-generated? Icon generator can check whether light or dark theme, and draw icons (and header backgroundColor) in different colors/shapes… on-the-fly? Wow!

Maybe we should leave the header colors alone, for now, eh? :slight_smile:

Ahh… HTML for GUI… so goooood. Our forum becomes an extension of our playground app.

<iframe id="two" width="100" height="100" frameborder="3" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>

I tried to embed a playground in a post, as we can see. Fun! Domain needs white-listing, I think. I got an empty, bordered box-model. But, possibilities are numerous.


So yes I added that icon:) I do not want to bloat the header though as I think it must stay easy to understand but we have the possibility to add more if we need it:)

I’ll check what can be done for iframes


nod thx. Yeah, I understand.

There’s some extra space at the bottom of the pancake menu. Errr… hamburger menu.

Future options, galore.

No hurry on iframe. Not overly useful. Just curiosity. :slight_smile:

Wingy thinking about webGL user interface to entire forum. Likely, iframe is too isolated to allow events to arrive at forum event listeners. Probably need to teach the forum how to allow a canvas element within a post or at forum-system level.

Or instead… teach a BJS scene how to include a forum instance. Wowzers! :smirk:

Markdown-to-GuiTextBlock converter/manager… v0.01 heh. Probably can only READ the forum from within BJS scene (and navigate-around the sub-forums). Likely, no posting… yet/ever.

Perhaps we should forbid raw html used within posts, so that later… we have less cleaning needed… in order to display a post with GUI textBlock.


It works now :slight_smile:


How to:

<iframe src="" width="600" height="400">


So far I only whitelisted playground domains. Other will not be that useful (like sandbox for instance )


It would probably be a good idea to put this ‘how to’ on its own topic, pinned if that means anything here. If this topic goes long like the last iteration, this is going to be buried.


hi I just wanna have here a post :smiley:


Well, things have changed around here - but it has been awhile:)

Not sure I can contribute much any more as a lot of water seems to have passed under the bridge. I still have an interest but I think the forum has become about coding - and that is not my forte - and I grow old (second grandchild next April)

Right now though, I am trying to model some hair for political purposes (UK politics) - I shall see how that goes.

Am I correct that if you ping someone - an email gets sent to that person - I would prefer that not happen as my current email address has limited storage. Are there “settings” somewhere that can be adjusted?

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Hi Naz! And Hi Gryff, long time no see.

@gryff… Not so much change, really. Forum decor and core bloat, mostly. :slight_smile: Everyone is a bit wobbly from the move, and we’re still painting and hanging pictures, but, everyone still has that “let’s try to help” attitude. I still try comedy and fail most of the time. We sure miss YOU, though, @gryff … but it seemed that you became THE Blender expert (user side)… and that probably got old, eh?

We’re all still learning BJS, and 3D terminology/practices, and the new forum, and JS, and Math. We’re also learning the art of being kind/tactful/social in a high-intensity, drama-queening, somewhat angry-feeling real-world. That’s quite a pile on our plates. It seems we’re all on the edge of insanity, to some degree.

Me, I’m all about the feeling of empowerment and accomplishment that comes with using BJS/webGL, and the societal smiles which result. WebGL art crosses international borders BEAUTIFULLY, and I love that. That brings happiness and further playful curiosity (making adults become happy, playful kids, again).

Congrats on grandchild #2, G-man! I hope life is going ok for you.
A Wingnut Chronicles tradition... is to show cool playgrounds that are found with my playground detector... usually found at Lake Babylon's "Playground Park". So, here we go... a fantastic "micro" playground from @bghgary : Sweet! Should we (try-to) remove its animation and physics-it-up? Power it with applyForce and applyImpulse and joints and motors? (omg!)
PS: Gryff... you can click on your picture icon, then click the "gear" in the upper right. Lots of "personal profile" settings to tweak. Party on!


Welcome back @gryff! I missed you


Hi gang. Here’s some Wingnut yapping about “smart paths” or something similar. It is a branch from this thread.

Think about a flying camera path/trajectory. There needs to be more than camera positioning along the path. The camera likely needs to aim-at various things as it travels the path. (Easing into/out-of camera.targets). The camera could bank, pitch, and yaw… like an airplane, both during path-turns AND during straight-runs. These things sometimes/often need easing.

And FOV might need to change along the way, and easing on THAT would be good, too. (same as scale for a path-following mesh)

Then path-travel speed, too. Watch a crop-dusting airplane. At the end of a run across the field, the aircraft does what? A chandelle? I think this would require that the path points EASE-into/out-of getting closer-together and further-apart (from each other). Short point-to-point “point-spans” would be needed to make a smooth, tight corner. But on longer, straight runs, 2-3 points spaced far-apart… is fine… if the throttle is set correctly. Basing the throttle on “points per second” is probably not a good idea, or maybe a user-select-able “option”.

For roller coasters, inertia and gravity cause the speed changes along the path, but with our physics-less mesh/camera paths, we might not have physics available. Thus, we need to accelerate and brake the speeds along the path… and they need to be eased. Ideally, the path itself carries the throttle information… somehow. The path itself becomes an actionManager/event-generator and uses observers, possibly intersect-with-infoNode related. :dizzy_face: Similar to railroad track sensors.

Recently, I questioned WHICH classes should be allowed to have metadata properties. This situation… is related because, we might need Vector3’s with metadata. Smart V3’s, which not only carry their location, but also info for the vehicle which traverses the path. Much like info-nodes buried in roadways… that cars can read as they pass them. Likely, we would make a special class for these smart path-points, if indeed this system would work at all.

Would we decrease path-travel speeds… by placing the path points closer together? Or would that be done with throttle values gotten from along-the-path info nodes? OR, at certain delta-times of the flight?

Continuing with this thought, it seems like these paths need two kinds of points. One kind… to plot the path thru space. Another kind for giving rotation, scaling, easing, and throttle settings… to the object traveling the path.

Manually flying a little airplane such as our crop duster… gives nice pathing, easing, banking, and throttling. Asking a path-editor/math formulas… to “grow” (derive) a similar path-plot and along-path-actions… seems a nightmare.

I think we need “normals” along the path, and that means that the path… might ACTUALLY be a BJS Ribbon.

Not sure. Wingnut babbling. Roller coaster climbing turns and crop-duster chandelles… ease the vehicle into a near-stop/stall, speed-wise. It seems… the path-plotting thru worldSpace… is ONE thing, and info-nodes ALONG that path… that the vehicle “reads” along the way… is ANOTHER thing. hmm.

Here’s another version of the roller-coaster… without attached camera. Imagine a sentence traveling that rail, much slower, among the bushes of a wooded VR/3D park, where young kids (their avatars) sit (hover) and learn to read. The sentences, words, and letters… can become alive… hopping, spinning, dancing, bumping into one-another, such a happy learn-to-read environment… or even a nice environment for reading the latest headlines. Yum!

Speaking of dancing fonts…

Can ya tell me how to get… How to get-to Sesame Street?

How to implement path deformation in babylonjs

@Wingnut im not advanced like that but i checked ur rollercoaster…
I dont know the math in it like sinus etx
is there a better way to achieve this knowledge?


Hi D. I think it is @jerome’s roller-coaster playground… and I don’t understand the math (much), either. That is why we (I) talk, here. Perhaps we invent an easier way. Perhaps not.

I think… to be good path-tool inventors, we MUST learn Jerome’s methods.

I think that the roller-coaster demo is currently at maximum-easy… per the tools/inventions we now have.

Flight-paths are important to the future of 3D (camera and/or spacecraft auto-pilot/auto-landers). We will likely (hopefully) continue studying and testing more methods/spline-editors.

Thanks for your interest! You ask a good question… with no answer, yet.