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wingnut i understand I havnt dug into deep formulas at all, so far but i was wondering cuz i have plenty of ideas,… but i usually follow the forum posts cuz i like learning all the basics.
I was playing with fire and such all that i think is interesting so far.


From @Wingnut

PS: Gryff… you can click on your picture icon, then click the “gear” in the upper right. Lots of “personal profile” settings to tweak. Party on!

Well I went investigating - but no changes. First off, all the “stars” - I feel like some of the kids one of my daughter teaches - stars for first emoji, first edit, first user mention - my fridge door is not that big :smile:

However, for some reason I did receive and email copy of your above post … but … er … the original version with no edits :grin:

How is the band by the way?

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Hi G. Yeah, there are plenty of “badges”, eh? Just like the Boy Scouts. I got my “starting a forum fire by rubbing two sticks together” -badge… just last week. I’m SO proud. heh.

Gryff: “my fridge door is not that big” hahah. You’re SO friggin’ funny!!! Do these youngsters even KNOW about decorative fridge magnets and the ego significance of macaroni art and coloring book pages? i doubt it. Yep, that’s back when earn’n’deserve systems didn’t cause so many societal inequality problems.

Notice that there are TWO reply buttons beneath each post. One is a POST reply, and the other… a TOPIC reply. At first, I thought there was a separate notification… for when YOUR POST was replied-to, even if you didn’t start the topic. But under further investigation, that seems to be untrue.

It’s based-upon if your post was LIKED, instead. Perhaps there is two layers of “track”. ONE where you track all posts to a topic, and the other where you track ONLY replies to YOUR POSTS… within a topic (directed replies - directed at you).

I’m still learning. There’s bound to be some momentary pain when learning new things. And, it’s easy for old people like me… to become “crotchety”, you know. I suppose it comes-from too many years of us-them wars. We get “fried”.

I deleted a big long post here… “toward” you, as you likely know. You got to read it before I deleted it (I saw your LIKE on it). The topic felt a little personal, and there weren’t any comments to/about it… rolling-in. (just some Wingnut yammering). :slight_smile:

I was “fried” on the Invision (old forum) editor. Other than the colors, it was reasonably annoying. But it DID let me type *sigh* easier than THIS editor does. :slight_smile:

I like the text editor here… better than Invision’s (old forum). The old one had cursor-key failures and needed shifted-returns to get single CRLF’s. Easier to make a post look pretty, here, EXCEPT… no text colors allowed in the Discourse editor. Allowing colored text would likely screw-with the light/dark themes… allowing users to accidentally make some text… invisible, in certain themes/styles.

I really like the allowing-of SOME html… inside a post. I find <hr> pretty handy, as ANY long-poster would. :slight_smile: But there are some slow-to-learn rules about “insert a blank line before” and “on a line of its own” that apply to using HTML, Markdown, and BBcode in posts. I haven’t learned the fine details, yet. Those rules have likely ‘migrated-in’ from rules of Markdown and BBcode… two editor-allowed formats.

I wonder if I/we need a new docs webpage/markdown-markup. Perhaps… “Discourse Tutorial for Crotchety Old Geezers”? :slight_smile: We really don’t teach any Discourse features, we just bitch about them (and about youngsters with zero horse-sense). heh.

(Wingy oils-up the hinges on his “geezer vent”, making sure it is ready for purse-dumping and drama-queening ops). :smiley:



Perhaps… “Discourse Tutorial for Crotchety Old Geezers”? :slight_smile: We really don’t teach any Discourse features, we just bitch about them (and about youngsters with zero horse-sense). heh.

Funny Wingy, I just spent the day with my two year old grand daughter and I showed her @abhivaidya 's Christmas scene. We had a great time as she danced with Santa and pointed at the snowflakes. Later in the day, she insisted on seeing it again. Now she is a real youngster - and had a really great time. See my new comment on that thread.

It took me back to my days of VRML when I received an email from a lady in Hawaii about the fun her daughter had had with a “dress up doll” piece of VRML that I had created.

With 3D, perhaps it is all in the “eye of the beholder” - and young folk see it with a different eye :slight_smile:

But then being “crotchety” is what old folks like me are supposed to be :open_mouth::smile:

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Eye of the beholder…this reminds me so good old memories


@gryff - Know that I wasn’t implying that you are crotchety. But I know that I CAN BE SO, at times. :slight_smile: Yep, it’s our (my) job, these days. :slight_smile:

It is easy to “get caught-up” in the happiness of children, and to feel the same happiness. (happiness is ‘infectious’).

This can also happen worldwide, with adults… as soon as we quit competing. It would help if we eliminated ALL borders/fences/walls, too. Just look at a picture of Earth, from space-view. It is easy to “feel” that we are ALL members of the same family… called… The Earthlings.

Story: Once upon a time, I noticed that MY feelings toward life… CHANGED… whenever I saw another person… having fun, feeling good, and/or celebrating. I think that’s why the TV show Candid Camera was a success.

I did some further experiments, after I saw a motorist driving on a highway… going “rhythm-crazy” (nearly dance-driving) because of the music he was listening-to. This “party animal” had his head rocking side-to-side, to the beat of the music… as he drove. It made me want to join him, and ask how/why he became so happy.

Now, I experiment often… with violently-rocking my head side-to-side (easy to see head silhouette from a distance)… while I drive and sing or listen to the radio… on the road. I travel a bit slower than the speed limit, so I get passed by people who have been following… watching my head rock and steering-wheel drumming.

They ALWAYS look at me, smiling, as they pass. :slight_smile: They get “caught-up” in my party-animal gestures. It is darned fun, but it hurts my neck after a while. I’m thinking about inventing a passenger-side artificial super-model robot… with lots of super-model hair to shake. Simulated Car-Riding Party-Animal Girlfriend… version 1.0. :slight_smile:

I went-on to do more experiments and do more observations. i heavily-observed sports… noticing WHEN/NOT teams celebrated each others’ victories, or helped an opposing player stand-up, after falling… things like that.

There’s lots to be learned… about sharing (and sharing credit-for) happiness/great-moments/successes. When stress stays low, our forum members and fans get-caught-up in the fun of BJS and its creations. Sometimes, BJS stress is high… when users are trying to use BJS to “make a living”. Sometimes, these folks are hurried and demanding, which is understandable, but still unfortunate.

Lately, it seems that The Earthlings are indeed “getting caught-up” in the emotions of others, but those emotions are rarely happiness… unless your favorite sports team was victorious and totally destroyed the enemy. :confused: (blood-lust / blood-sport)

Enough philosophy, eh? :slight_smile: Ok, I’ll bring it back on-topic. Umm… I wonder if the Earth uses Euler rotation or Quaternion rotation. hmm. heh. How’s that?


I used quaternion today to swing a sword its very cool wingnut, havnt tried eulers yet
I kind of try different stuff but when u crack the code its so rewarding =)
and also just try to edit and code in playground somewhat its
performance beats my localhost app setup and practise on changing pivot points in blender so everything get the right angle =)


i need hattory hanzo sward :MMM and i make some action too :slight_smile:
that is good challange :slight_smile:
new generation is beginning



For those who are confused, HH sword.

Very sharp metal. Maybe safer to set pivotPoint on TIP of sword, and hit things with handle/hilt.

Just bruises, no blood. :slight_smile:

Hey @nasimiasl… will you use a NEW TYPE of “smart path” (like the roller coaster path)… for the fancy sword actions (sword paths)?

Super-Spline, version 1.0? :slight_smile:

OH WAIT… of course… you built ShaderBuilder, and GeoBuilder, and next… SplineBender… err… SplineBuilder. You bet. :wink: PARTY!!!


but i start make sward geometry that have own path with special shader


step 1 : katana model is ready .

full design by GeometryBuilder


Absolutely beautiful, @nasimiasl. You’re a God!




if we have speed parameter you can use that for hide or show


Nice stuff, Naz! Unreal.

Ok, back to aimless Wingnut yammering for a moment.

Did something happen with JS “collections”, recently? I have seen the “collections” term pop-up in some github source comments, and I saw @JCPalmer say “Layers to Collections (tabled)” in another post (which sounded very “modular” to me, and made my left nipple erect). :open_mouth:

Do we have JS Collections, these days? Who knows “the scoop”?

Aren’t ya glad that they/we didn’t use the old “Vector” term, instead of “Collection”? We, here in 3D land… have PLENTY of “vector” terminology to deal-with, already. :smiley:


@Wingnut wrote above:

I have seen the “collections” term pop-up

That word “collections” is rapidly becoming a naughty word around my desk as I struggle to understand what Blender 2.80 is trying to accomplish with the use of them. And I’m not getting much help over at the Blender forum.

But then, “some days are diamonds, some days are stone

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


If not obvious from gryff’s response, this is Blender terminology, new in 2.80 that I don’t quite know what to do about yet.


Ahh, thanks, guys! View Layers and Collections — Blender Developers Blog (a little intro for the curious)


Hi gang. On a different subject, I learned that cones with bottom diameter of 0… don’t light their bottoms… with hemisphericLight.groundColor settings.

(toggle lines 15/16)

I’m thinking it should be an adjustment to the light, not an adjustment to the cylinder/cone mesh. (if possible)

Should we think about an epsilon value (micro-value), somewhere? Thoughts, anyone?


Glad to see Wingnut Chronicles back. : )