Thinkin' 'Bout Pinned Forum Things

Hi. So, is anyone besides me… tired of seeing the word “Cryptovoxels” every time they visit the forum?

When a forum user visits, they see the “all-categories page” (ACP). And what do they see? The pinned help-wanted advert… right at the top… always.

Doncha think… that pinned topics… should stay inside their assigned categories, and not interfere with the date-sorting of the ACP? Know what I mean, Vern? :slight_smile:

It might not be easy to config. I suppose… a topic is either pinned, or date-sorted. We would want a mix of the two… date-sorted at ACP, yet pinned at the top when browsing Service offers and requests.

Exciting topic here, huh? (snore). I’ll probably delete this thread in a week or two… cuzzzz… it’s really not on-topic. But meanwhile, comment-away… as wanted. Party on!


I agree. There must be a way to pin it within the category.

You can tick this option and the post will be “unpinned” when you’ve read it :slight_smile:

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