Three models, whether to create three canvases in this case, and switch the three models back and forth, as shown below , How can I dolow

Not sure to understand the issue ?

I would in general put all in one canvas for perf and switch model with either a different scene or in the same scene if the rest of the properties are identical with setEnabled

Thanks for your reply, I seem to understand a little what you mean, is there such an example :grin:?

Just load the 3 models and once done, use the root mesh of each of them with .setEnabled(true/false) to enable disable the current one ?

Just like this, now I use react-slick to achive this effect, every slide have a canvas, but i don’t konw It’s good?

Can this react-slick be achieved through babylon? Can you give an idea or example, or is it necessary to achieve this through babylon?

It is all good to use three canvases, nw there regarding the created effect

Hello @haoguang_shen just checking in, was your question answered?