Tiger Island in WebXR

Hi all,

This weekend I created a scene of Sunderban River Delta. This delta is the house of live Bengal Tigers, Sharks, and Seagulls.


Youtube demo:

You can choose the Game View from the options on the right-top which allows you to walk on the delta and water :smiley: using W, S, A, D keys of your keyboard just like any other FPS game. Or you can simply press F key to toggle between Bird View and FPS View.

You can also play with Day shader to change the day or evening time of the day. You can also turn off Ocean shader. When Ocean shader is off I use Simplex Noise to create ocean waves which is also interesting to observe. :wink:

I have started experimenting with WebXR so you can also try it in Oculus Quest. The VR mode can be turned on by clicking on the VR icon on the right- bottom side. It works only with Firefox Reality browser in Oculus

Here is the link if you want to know more of Delta I tried to create: Sundarbans National Park - Wikipedia


Wow! So many details from the seagulls flying to the sounds of the water and the little boat in the background. This makes the scene come to life. Plus so many lighting options!

Looks like a lot of love went into this. Really cool!


@PirateJC this one also be added in demos page.