Travail du bois


As some know I work with wood. I had to stop because I didn’t have a workshop at my disposal and it lasted for many years.
I started carpentry around 14 years old and did a 3 year training in cabinetmaking In the largest boarding school in France (Château des Vaux) from 15 to 18 years old. I am now 44 years old.

I have restored a house completely since then of A à Z. It’s been 12 years now and I managed to redevelop a small workshop of 25 m² (Still small for my taste, but we do with what we have)

Carpentry is my first passion, then comes programming.

Here are some little things I did.
I don’t have a photo of my workshop yet. But as soon as I have one I will present it. I have to tidy up the bazaars first. :grin:

Butcher block

Puzzle box :
IMG_20160424_145801 20190112_140326 20190112_140354 !

Living room table

A birdhouse made with a child of 11 year

A mallet and Tool cabinet

Shelf and Christmas tree
20191122_171703 IMG_20171215_112758


Do you know the construction kit “Kapla”? It’s amazing to play with these “pixels of wood” :slight_smile: There are a lot of pictures you can find in the net from easy to complex buildings. Pure fun for kids and kids never going old… :slight_smile:

Yes, I know, I also have a box of Kapla in Chestnut wood that I made for my daughter.

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Love it! This is so cool!

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@Dad72 : My favorite - the puzzle box :smile:

Like you, my son-in-law likes carpentry. I have a chess board and a cheese board from him. He has a two car garage - which his cars never go inside. Just filled with saws and planers and routers.

Your children and grand children will enjoy them :smile:

Say Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

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Thanks Gryff.

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Love it and what a pretty kitty.

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Yes the cat, he’s a Siamese. People had thrown it in a trash can on the highway. We saved him, healed him, and he’s healthy now.

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