Trying dall-e 3 in bing

i prompted

“A mechanical firefly with a transparent glowing abdomen made of glass, refuelling with glowing yellow liquid light at a gas station on a cloud floating high in the sky, the sky fading into a pearl blue outer space with bright stars and galaxies visible, art style is alternate reality 1950’s steampunk”

my first promy didnt include the glass abdomen and space fade , but still had great results :

“a young man with long hair looking at an old propaganda poster on the side of a bus stop shelter in france. The poster has a picture of a WW2 snail, with crazy eyes and tattoos, armed to the teeth, wearing a gas mask. The text on the poster says “Be fast or be dead!” 3D render , pixar art style”

its not exactly what i imagined but it is really a dificult description that it got much more correct that i expected … scary

“an old poster that has a picture of an army dude racoon, with crazy big eyes and big arms with tattoos, wearing pilot goggles. Cartoon style 3D”