Trying to edit Babylonjs Editor, running into error

Hi! Recently I’m trying to add stuff into the editor. I’m adding a button to add in a camera right now, but keep coming up with an error. It is 'editorMetadatas' is missing in type 'Scene'. Imma ping @julien-moreau for help, but any at all would be super nice. I did make a github issue, too.

Pinging @julien-moreau

Hmm. I wonder how large the little notification bubble number can go.

Hey ! Sorry for the delay!
This is weird I’m having a look ASAP, i just tried and did not reproduce. I’m going to te-clone the repository to be sure I don’t have cache and will let you know once fixed

Do you want me to give the code? I added the part from the github push request. I added the button (shows up with the right icon and everything) and the code to make it work, and then the code to actually add the camera. I had a github issue with that code. Also, don’t forget to import the Camera!

Can you recreate the pull request?
SonI can add your repository as remote and test, because I don’t reproduce, I have no errors here :frowning:

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I just made the pull request. Take a look!

The code is ok, I’m trying to reproduce from now starting from your repository. But now it’s time to sleep here, I come back tomorrow :slight_smile:

Ok, can’t wait to see what’s going on. I’m gonna be gone over the weekend btw, might check these forums a couple times. :slight_smile:

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