Trying to make game cross platform

I’ve been trying to add cross platform controls to my game using the guide in the documentation however the Grid() is causing me issues as its saying its a reference error even though ive added all the babylon scripts to the html if someone could help me out that would be massively appreciated

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Adding @PolygonalSun who is the master of controls.

However, I think a repro in the Playground would help, or at least some pointers to some code / to the doc you used.

Yeah so its the Grid from Grid | Babylon.js Documentation. Which is used in the way its explained here Going Cross-Platform | Babylon.js Documentation.
Im getting a reference error even though i have all the babylon scripts imported thanks in advance for any help

It seems it’s a setup problem you have, so it will be difficult to help without actual repro of the problem…

Grid is a component of the GUI, so make sure you include babylon.gui.js in your project.

Thanks very much turned out i needed the babylon gui cdn from