UI Developer Contract Opportunity (With strong Babylon focus)

We are looking for a seasoned remote UI Developer (Front-end Developer) with a focus on WebGL (preferably leveraging Babylon) and 3D on the web. This role will be working with our companies UI, 3D and design teams, translating sophisticated visual designs into stunning interactive WebGL applications. The work will be highly visible, and we want developers who are dedicated to creating impeccable work that both they and the company can be proud of.

This will be a 2 month contract working full-time. We are looking for 2-4 heads to fill this role so referrals are encouraged.

If interested, please contact Trevor Robinson at: trevor.robinson@indigoslate.com


Hello Trevor,
Hope you are doing well!!
Iā€™d Glad to assist you.
Email Sent with details, please check.
Thanks and Regards
Carter W

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Hi Trevor,

I sent you my portfolio!

Thanks for the opportunity.


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