Unable to rotate the gui elements

Hey Guys,

Im trying to come up with a simple menu for WebXr

This is the playground XR Menu

now the hurdle is i want to move this entire menu with respective to camera rotation and position with a fixed height… which i’m unable to figure out. I tried linkwithtransformation but of no use the meshes im able to move but the gui elements im not able to move…

can you guys point me out in right direction

we do have that already in place

If you want to see how it was done and implement your own, it’s more than possible :slight_smile: The code is open. The 3D control elements are all here - Babylon.js/packages/dev/gui/src/3D/controls at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

@RaananW that’s cool, thanks for the reply after looking into it finally got it working here is the pg XR

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