Understanding How Canvases work and how to read the memory snapshot logs

Hi Everyone!
I have some questions that hopefully some can get answered as well :laughing:

  • First thing first, This might be a dumb question but what is the difference of canvas (webgl) vs canvas (2d)?

  • When I running my scene, I noticed that there is only 1 3d canvas and a lot of 2d canvases (not sure if this is the plural term). Is it because I am using AdvanceDynamicTextures that causes to create these canvases?

  • If so, from the question above, I noticed that I was having 111 2d canvases but I’m not quite sure whether that is a lot or just normal? Would we have a sort of limit with regards to this?

  • Going to a performance question (not sure If I need to make this as a separate post) Is there a beginner way of understanding how to read the memory snap shot in the developer tools?

I was checking from the task manager and we using around 1 gb but as I have read from some of the forum posts, it is not the proper way to check memory consumption (?).

Any inputs on these question is greatly appreciated. I’ll try my best to make playgrounds/repro should it be needed.

Thanks everyone!

One is designed for 3d APIs (webgl) and the other one for 2d

Yes ADT works on 2d apis and the result is uploaded as a texture in the 3d context.

The limits will be your memory and performances 111 is a lot :slight_smile:

This is still one of the best resource on it Record heap snapshots - Chrome Developers

You can look into the chrome task manager window

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