Vertex Animation Textures

Did a little test to see if I could keep my instances, while still being able to choose/change different animations, and thanks to the new instancedBuffer it’s a success so far.
A 254x248 texture at about 1MB. Rendered out using the Game Development Toolkit in Houdini.

I’m using tinyexr.js, so there are some memory issues, and you might need to hard-refresh (ctrl-f5) if it fails.

And the texture in action:

And the shader I use: OSMTrafficSim/Character.shader at master · maajor/OSMTrafficSim · GitHub

EDIT: I made a mistake when sampling the diffuse texture:


Very impressive!
So it is also possible to use this solution for traffic simulation, I suppose?

Woot! Really impressive
I’m sure @cedric will appreciate

That’s impressive! Nice work!

@labris, I think it’s simply used to give different pedestrians different animations without the need to clone the geometry.