Viewcube Actions

Hi Babylonians. I’m new here so please pardon if this is a simple answer. I am trying to make a viewcube, so when I click specific faces it will orient the camera to Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Front, Back Etc…

I have the actual cube in place with meshes, that is functioning good. My question is multipart. If you can point me to specific areas in the docs would be sufficient.

  1. How can I make the cube face highlight when the mouse hovers over it (no click)

  2. How can I define preset views like Left, Right, Top, Bottom Etc…Without having to adjust the camera position manually each time.

Thank you in advance

For question 1, the simplest way I can think of is to make six planes and put them like a cube.
For question 2, if you don’t want to change the camera parameters . You can create multiple cameras and place them in the right place. Switch by setting scene.activeCamera .
Looking forward to more answers