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Hi All,
I have created 3 types of booth(small, medium, large). I want to write a script such that I can add or delete booths just by passing some parameters. For example: if I want to add a booth for xyz company, then I can pass some parameters/images such as company name, logo, contact details, company info, coordinates where I want to place in in the exhibition hall. Is it possible to configure using Babylon JS?

This is really generic as a request and encompass a lot of features.

As mentioned in the previous thread, the documentation is the best way to start as you need to learn on how to manage assets, create a scene with lighting and such and a Gui.

All of this is completely possible in BabylonJs and you could have a look at what FrameVR does in this regard for instance.

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It is quite simple.
You have 3 prototype objects (small, medium, large).
Every new booth will be the new object; the mesh(es) will be clones or instances of the prototype.
You can define all needed object properties and pass them into function (which you need to write) when creating the new object (booth clone), so finally it can be something like

createBooth({boothSize:"medium"; companyName:"Babylon JS", companyLogo:""})


I will try this. Thanks a lot.

Yes, I have started creating basic models and trying o play around with bit. Thanks a lot.