Voxel Builder Application

Hi there,
A voxel modeling application built using Babylon.js engine

Live Demo



Very, very impressive. I wondered if you could allow for more colors to be accessible to the palette on the left, more than 3.

Thanks, just select and paint a new color to create a new palette, color palette created on the fly.

I really like this demo - thanks for sharing it! If it’s not asking too much, would you be able to share any background resources, links, or references on the topic (voxels)? It’s not something I’m very familiar with, but I’d like to learn more

This is really cool, I made a simple voxel art looking game for a hackathon once and this would have been a life saver.

One nice tool might be something to mirror across an axis, unless I missed that.

Thank you jelster, I’ve been fascinated by CG programming since childhood and specifically OpenGL, therefore all my references are outdated. If you have any specific questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Thank you br-matt, This was a fun project to experiment with Babylon.js engine, but I will continue the project in my spare time and I’ll definitely look into that feature request.

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Beautiful :open_mouth:

This is mind blowing!! adding @PirateJC


Clean UI

I love it !!!

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Thank you all, special thanks to our sith overlord @Deltakosh :pray:
Sorry for the grammar mistakes by the way

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Agreed, voxelization function is very basic and physically inaccurate, just draw a grid of voxel positions, then generate random dummy points on mesh surface, then compare positions and remove unwanted voxels.

About the size limitation, because voxelization algorithm is not optimized and I’d consider both desktop and mobile performance.


@nima - Any objection to me adding this to the community page?

is that an elephant?

Dear @PirateJC, I am very happy to make a contribution to the community.
Many thanks and best wishes

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Yup I tried… :slight_smile:


Added to the community web page!

Should be live in a couple minutes:

That’s very nice of you and the community,
I’ll keep adding features or improving/updating the code in my spare time.

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This is great, @nima!

Very nice UI / UX! Beautiful.

voxel plane.vox.zip (846 Bytes)

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