Voxel Builder Application

Inspiring, I have an idea…Symmetry drawing for next update! :hugs:


Keep your great work!!

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Very nice work :wink:

I built a voxel generating tool in unity a very long time ago and found optimized == approximation of some sort, which means not 100% accurate. For accurate results i ended up doing ray triangle intersection. Basically shot a ray along every edge of a voxel (within bounding area) and if any intersection happens then the voxel generation is valid. Very expensive process , i know.

This did lead to some voxels being generated that had very minimal intersection. So I built another feature to then validate a minimum penetration threshold and then if below remove those voxels.

Anyway that said , I look forward to see what improvements you make to your tool.

Well done again, I know it is fun to make such things :wink:


Great work!
Thanks for share.

@shaderbytes Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s valuable to me. I’m not trying to make an advanced voxelizer, just to import simple low-poly mesh as voxels, and manipulate them easily, but I need more accuracy and more symmetric result for sure.

@NRA you’re welcome :slight_smile: