VR Development - without a headset?

What’s the best way to develop for VR without a headset?

Should I just go out and bite the bullet and get some peripherals?

I was asked if I could do a VR project where a person slides a credit card through a virtual ATM enters the pass code and then process a payment through stripe. I was like EZPZ, but then realized I don’t really have anyway to prototype the actual VR interactions.

Any pointers?

Depending on the necessary input devices, a smartphone + Google Cardboard might be enough for you.

I think I need one “hand” input as well from what the client was describing.

If you are building something for a client I would recommend investing in a headset, simulating the input without one is usually too much hassle. You can find some pretty decent 6dof headsets between 300-400$ if that’s not too costly plus they are fun to play with :smiley:.

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Ill just make them pay for it ^_^… buzzinga.