Wall side not closed, in the

In the below tutorial(snippet) link,

the end walls are transparent, Need to close either of the walls side

You should set interior to false in the buildFromPlan options:


@Gijs Thank You for the Reply

I think, I didn’t convey my question properly,
In the Image attach, I need to fill the red bordered area, for the Non Enclosing Wall.
Right now the Sides are transparent/Not Filled .

The code for wall building needs to extended so that when an interior wall is drawn indices are added to the indices array to draw the four triangular facets needed to close the ends.

@JohnK.Thank You. Got It.

Is there any way to close the end?

Other than the way I already suggested you could draw planes and position them.

I will look at extending the code but it will be several days before I have time.

Ok @JohnK Thank You for the Suggestion.

As You suggested, I will Try to Do that.

Had a free half an hour https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1Z71FW#102

Code in docs will be updated in a couple of days or so.


Thank You So much @JohnK
That’s a great help.