WebXR camera wrong height and slanting

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With babylon version later then @6.22.1 I have the following problems in WebXR with quest2:
Floor wrong height on enter scene
and WebXR camera / pose slanting after set rotation

The PG to test:
click on the sphere toggle the cam to follow the platform
and sets view direction to center sphere one time on enter
or releases the cam.

Similar code has worked until update from 6.20.1 to current 6.25.0
and local tests have shown it works up to version 6.22.1

There where a lot of changes to camera after that tag,
A question: what does Oblique mean in this context ?
Is this preparation for leaning avatar pose ?

Is there somethig I miss / can do ?

cc @RaananW and @PolygonalSun about the Oblique camera

For the oblique object, it just adds a shear transformation to an orthographic camera projection. It shouldn’t have any effect on the WebXRCamera as long as you’re not using ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA and have oblique defined.

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a bit late to join the party, sorry!
I will run a few tests tomorrow and see what’s up. It shouldn’t have influenced webxr, but everything is possible :slight_smile:

Sorry the combination of height offset and slanting has set me on the wrong track.
It has taken 3 quest reboots and new boundary setup to get rid of the height offset.

The slanting depends on headset tilt, which is an open question.
It looks like platform.absoluteRotationQuaternion depends on the angle of the headset ?

so no bug :blush:

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