WebXR Device battery level

@RaananW and others,

Does anyone know of a reliable way to get the battery level of a device in WebXR?
I couldn’t find anything in the WebXR API and I was looking at BatteryManager - Web APIs | MDN but it has been deprecated with no suggestion of an alternative.

I have a control screen that monitors devices active on a LAN (via PeerJS) and one thing I definately want to display is the current battery level of the headsets and controllers. I have a similar solution in Unity3D but am looking to replace the system with a purely BJS one (for other reasons).

AFAIK there is no way of doing that. But you can always ask for the WebXR committee to add it :slight_smile:

Ok I will look into doing that. Thanks @RaananW
For now I can still use the Battery API (for the main device but not controllers) as even though it has been deprecated it hasn’t been removed and I can mostly control what devices are being used. This will do until (hopefully) it is added to the WebXR standard.

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