[WebXR] [Oculus Go] The ray of controller draws behind GUI if the ray is not focused on something

Hi there,

The ray of Oculus Go controller draws behind GUI in WebXR mode if the ray is not focused. Here is an example.

Also, I took a screenshot:


Hi @Anton123, the ray will “go through” any element it can’t pick. If the element is pickable, the ray will stop there.

@RaananW The ray does NOT intersect GUI. The controller points out almost vertically, and the ray is closer that the mesh with GUI, and therefore, the ray should be visible.

I sadly don’t have a go, but with an emulated go it works rather well -

Could you in any way show at what direction the ray is pointing at when the controller points forward?

@RaananW I shot a video: com.oculus.vrshell-20200826-140645.mp4 - Google Drive

I see now :slight_smile:

The GUI element is rendered at a higher rendering group / layer (think z-index on the web), so everything is rendered “behind” it. You can force a different rendering group id for the controllers / pointer element using the configuration object.

@RaananW Thanks, I’ll try.

I found your suggestion (and sample) here. Thank you!