WebXR (VR) Contracting and/or Part-Time Full-Stack Design-Engineer

Hello Again,

I’m beginning to open up my studio to contracts and/or part-time work in webxr (VR) environments. I have a pretty robust set of offerings at this point. Please see here: WebXR Contracting — △Ark . I strongly suggest going to the page, bc you’ll see a lot of demos, but here is some of what’s available:

- Environment Design : Virtual Architectural Design of various kinds. Levels and social environments.
- Agent Design : 2020+ WebXR-Agents Platform — △Ark
- Life Design : 2020+ WebXR-Agents Platform — △Ark
- Interaction Design : Various interactions can be attached to objects or aspects of a landscape.
- Material Surface Design : Please see the linked example.
- Audio-Responsive Design : Audio-responsive sculptures for virtual nightclubs, e.g.
- Creative Server/Multiplayer Design (non-voice or video): This is complex, but there are a variety of interesting/cool ways of designing the multiplayer components for vr spaces.

My strength area is experimental long-term feature development combined with a pretty robust design/art practice that draws extensively from design/art history.

TLDR: let’s come up with new experimental features for your VR platform, and let’s make them look really really good.

Look forward to chatting more with y’all.