Weird Artifacting when assigning a material to a gltf object?

So I am manually assigning a fabric material to an sofa object in my application. But there is weird artifacting going on when assigned manually. This same texture when assigned during model and exported as gltf does not show the artifacting when loaded into the scene.

Can you show us the code of your manual assignation, including your texture creation?

Sure Here is the code for material Assignment

  const baseUrl = '/3d/livingroom/materials';
  const filename = 'GreyFabric_';
  const externalMaterial = new BABYLON.PBRMaterial('ef01', scene);
  const textureUrl = `${baseUrl}/${filename}`;
  externalMaterial.sideOrientation = BABYLON.Material.ClockWiseSideOrientation;
  externalMaterial.metallic = 0;
  externalMaterial.roughness = 1;

  externalMaterial.usePhysicalLightFalloff = true;
  externalMaterial.enableSpecularAntiAliasing = true;
  externalMaterial.useRoughnessFromMetallicTextureAlpha = false;
  externalMaterial.useRoughnessFromMetallicTextureGreen = true;
  externalMaterial.useMetallnessFromMetallicTextureBlue = true;
  externalMaterial.invertNormalMapX = true;

  externalMaterial.albedoColor = new BABYLON.Color3(1, 1, 1);

  externalMaterial.ambientColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0, 0, 0);
  externalMaterial.albedoTexture = new BABYLON.Texture(`${textureUrl}diffuse.jpg`, scene, true, false);
  externalMaterial.bumpTexture = new BABYLON.Texture(`${textureUrl}normal.jpg`, scene, true, false);
  externalMaterial.metallicTexture = new BABYLON.Texture(`${textureUrl}metalRoughness.jpg`, scene, true, false);

new BABYLON.Texture(${textureUrl}diffuse.jpg, scene, true, false);

It seems you’re disabling mipmaps at texture creation, it worth to test by enabling them (Im’ quite sure this is your issue):

new BABYLON.Texture(${textureUrl}diffuse.jpg, scene, false, false);

Thanks. that solved the issue.