Weird Physics and Skeleton Rigging Updates

You will need a controller.

Just run the player off to the side of the screen and you will notice once he is frustum culled his weapon and shield stay in place until you get the player back on camera.

Yup we do not evaluate the clipping based on skeletal animations as it would be pretty expensive.

You could either manually increase the bounding info to encompass the animation or you can force the player mesh to always be active thus by passing the culling step. It kind of makes sense for the main character anyway :slight_smile:

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how will I handle enemies then? They will prolly have the same problem if they are set up with the same structure.


Crouch by pressing down on the left stick
Maybe you have some input on this then:

when I scale the player container box (the mesh that I use at the imposter container) in the Y scale, it causes the model to levitate. Im sure its some weird math problem, or it might be how the scaling is handled in the imposter. Maybe I need to get the origin point of the imposter to be at the center of the bottom or something?

If not too many ennemies, you could activate per zone only depending where they are ?

What if I just did an iteration over all enemies that are culled and manually disabled their children, then re-enabled on unculled. hmmm that might make popping…

so maybe a dynamic zone like a proximity to the main actor?

I love it it should but the prox zone should basically be an extended frustrum to include the bounding size difference.

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Plus main actor prox if required to test for collision out of visibility :slight_smile: