Welcome to Babylon.js channel in discord server about WebGL

Here we helping to each other, share projects and discuss WebGL related topics WebGL & WebGPU

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Babylonjs deserves a full discord server in my opinion connected to the discords of the games made with it.


Do not underestimate crosspollination between frameworks and sharing ideas to each other. Anyway they all with WebGL/WebGPU inside.

Not underestimating, on the countrary, however I feel babylonjs really deserves more space than a channel. This does not mean it should not have a channel in this discord server as well.

I would offer GetFire having always thought a community should be of an accord.

A forum is good enough. Not everyone will be able to use a chat. Then gathering all the information on one place is better than scattering everything.
I think it would be a bad idea to have “a chat” for Babylon

For example, for myself and others, I do not speak English, so I use a translator to read English to French and to answer, I write in French and translate to English. On a chat, I would be unable to read so responding instantly is impossible and I think I’m not alone to do like that.

The creation of a cat has already been discussed on the old forum several times and the result was that it is not a good idea. The old forum also had a chat in the beginning, result, no one used it, people asked questions and no answers.

Moreover, it is difficult to follow when a chat is very busy, 10 people ask questions at the same time and 20 answers all mix happens at the same time, we do not know who answers who. In short, no chat for me, no thanks. The forum is more practical.

Anyway, if a chat exists in the future, I would not participate and I would not be the only one. Only a small wrists of followers of the chats will use it leave this forum thinking that the answers will be faster on a chat and I doubt its effectiveness in the end for having already seen what it gives.


Not everyone will use it is not a reason not to have it.
(I just don’t like the stale meme archive that is discord)

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The best advice I get is from Discord so I’m a huge advocate, but in my opinion I believe the community for a discord has to be high for it to actually keep the channel alive, and for a smaller (someone not always around) community I believe forums are the best medium, mainly you can look back at the archive for previous problems, solved a few issues for me.

And looking at the actual channel:

That’s not helping anyone.

It seems to no longer work.

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Here’s a link to Babylon.js Discord:

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